The Solution

Whose Data? helps solve this problem by putting information about who owns — and what options we have to control — data collected about Canadians in one place.

Making the this information more accessible isn’t a quick fix. It won’t change our habits, company practices or government policies. But it can help increase the number of Canadians who understand the current state of affairs, and have informed opinions about what we want when it comes to how our personal data is treated.

That means more Canadians who are ready and able to help build the connected world we want, by engaging in important discussions — like how we want data collected about us by ‘smart cities’ to be protected and what informed consent about personal data collection really means in our digital society.

How does it work?

For each company or organization we research, we aim to answer two questions:

(1) Do I legally own the data this org has about me?
(2) Can I see all the data they have about me, for free?

We may add more questions in the future!

We call a company or organization we’re researching a ‘case’.

We aim to have each case verified through 3 types of research:

secondary research (aka surfing the web)
primary research (aka contacting the company/organization directly)
expert review (aka feedback from an expert in the field, such as law or policy)

Once secondary research is available, a case can be put up on this website — but it won’t be verified ✅ until 3/3 types of research have been completed.